You’re Not My Friend!

( by Susanna Holstein, 1/03)

Puppets: three children, two boys and one girl. Could be animals

Props: Valentine boxes, valentines

Backdrop: outside first, change to inside

 Two friends are playing hide-and-seek. A third friend walks up as one is counting.

 Tommy:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Here I come ready or not!

 Jared walks up

 Jared: Hi Tommy! What are you doing?

Tommy: Cassie and I are playing hide-and-seek. Calls to Cassie—I’m coming—I’m going to find you! You’ll see!

 Jared: Can I play?

 Tommy: No, we’ve already started. Anyway, I told Cassie I would play with her today. I promised—just the two of us.

 Jared: Well, hide-and-seek isn’t very fun with just two people! Let me play!

 Tommy: I can’t. I promised! Anyway, last time you played with us you pulled Cassie’s hair and made her cry.

 Jared: Yeah! That was fun! She has such good hair for pulling!

 Tommy: Well, it wasn’t very nice. How would you like someone to pull your hair?

 Jared: They can’t! My hair’s too short! HA!

 Tommy: You know what I mean.  Am I getting warm, Cassie?

 Jared: She isn’t going to TELL you, silly! Then you’d know where she is!

 Tommy: Oh……..yeah. Well, I gotta go and find her.

 Jared: Why? She’s right behind that tree!

 Cassie (comes onstage): Jared! You ruined our game! I would have made it to home base if you hadn’t told Tommy where I was!

 Jared: Oh yeah? Well, you can play your stupid old game! I don’t like either of you. (Sticks out his tongue and gives them a raspberry.) You’re not my friends anymore!

Tommy: Who needs friends like you anyway? You always cause trouble!

 Jared: You used to be my best friend, Jared! But not any more! Now you’re my worst enemy! So there! (Runs offstage)

 Tommy: You’re not my friend either. So there THERE! ………Gee, he’s really mad. I’m sorry, Cassie, I don’t feel like playing anymore.

 Cassie: Me either. Why did he have to do that?

 Tommy: I don’t know. He just doesn’t want us to play, I guess. Let’s go inside.


 When curtain comes up, Tommy and Cassie are in the house, making valentines.

 Cassie: Are you going to make a valentine for Jared?

 Tommy: Why should I? He doesn’t want to be my friend anymore, and I don’t like him anyway!

 Cassie: Well, I think I’ll make one for him. We should have let him play.

 Tommy: Why? He doesn’t have to do everything we do! We were having fun without him.

 Cassie: I guess you’re right. Let’s make a valentine for our teacher! I’ve got some better paper upstairs.

 Cassie and Tommy leave the stage. Jared walks on. He sees the pile of valentines.

 Jared: Valentines! That’s right, Valentines Day is tomorrow! I wonder who these are for. (He looks at the pile of hearts) Let’s see—James, Maria, Kayla, Stephen, Rico, Antoine, Madison….these are for the kids in our class! But….where’s mine? There’s no valentine for me! Well, I’ll fix them! I won’t give them any valentines either! That’ll show them. I don’t need them for friends anyway.

 Jared leaves the stage as the curtain goes down.

 When curtain comes back up, there are valentine boxes on the stage, with kids names on them—Cassie, Jared, Allison, James and Tommy. Jared walks in with his valentines.

 Jared: Guess I’ll put mine in the boxes. Not in Cassie and Tommy’s boxes though! Let’s see, this is the one I made for Allison, and this is the one I made for James. I’ll just drop them in their boxes and…..(He starts to put them in the box, but just then Cassie and Tommy walk onstage. Jared hurriedly stuffs the valentines into the boxes, but puts them in the wrong ones—instead of Allison and James’s boxes, he puts them in Cassie and Tommy’s boxes. )

 Cassie: Uh….Hi, Jared. Happy Valentines Day.

 Tommy: Yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day. We were just going to put our valentines in the boxes.

 Jared: I already put mine in. See ya. (He leaves the stage)

 Cassie looks in her box.

 Cassie: Look! There’s a valentine in my box from Jared! It says “Friends Forever!”

 Tommy: There’s one in my box too. It says “You’re the Best!” Gee, I guess he has forgotten about our fight. Maybe he wants to be friends again. I sure miss him.

 Cassie: Me too. Let’s go and thank him for the valentines!

 Tommy: Good idea!

 They are about to leave when Jared comes back onstage.

 Jared: Oh, uh….hi. I thought maybe I put my valentines in the wrong boxes. I was just coming back to check….

 Tommy: Thank you for the valentine! I think you’re the best too…..the best friend!!!!

 Jared: Huh?…………… Oh, uh, yeah. Uh, you’re welcome.

 Tommy: I’m sorry we didn’t let you play with us.

 Cassie: That wasn’t nice of us. It would have been more fun if you were playing too. You are always so funny.

 Jared: Really? You really think so? Well, I shouldn’t have pulled your hair Cassie. That was mean.

 Cassie: That’s okay. I really like the valentine you gave me, Jared.

 Jared: So…are we friends again?

 Tommy: Friends forever!

 Cassie: Yeah… Friends forever!

 Jared: I’m glad I decided to give you those valentines! (reaches out and pulls Cassie’s hair)

 Cassie: Ow!

 (all three laugh and start leaving the stage together as the curtain comes down)


About wvstoryteller

Storyteller and retired librarian with over 10 years experience in children's programming and 15 years experience as professional storyteller. Created a successful puppetry troupe for teens that continues today, and wrote many scripts for the group.
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