The Christmas Spider

(a puppet show based on an old legend) c Susanna Holstein, 2001

This one is fun because the audience can sing along with the puppets. If you like, a craft activity could follow the show–making spiders or ornaments, etc would fit nicely with the story.

 Puppets needed: old woman, boy, girl, dog, cat                            

Props: bare tree, decorated tree, spider web, bag of cookie 

Narrator: Once a long time ago, there lived an old woman that was called Tante by all the children in her village. Tante means Aunt in German, and they called her that because she was from Germany, and she was well loved by everyone who knew her.

 Tante: Ah, Christmas is coming again. I wonder now, how many times have I celebrated Christmas? Hmmm….. I don’t think I could count them all! Oh well, it’s time to start cleaning this messy house! Even if it is only one room, it sure does get messy.

Wake up, Dog! Can’t you see it’s time to clean for Christmas?

 Dog: Rowf! Okay, I’ll get out of your way. (He runs off stage)

 Tante: Wake up, Cat! I’ve got to clean in here!

 Cat: Meow! Very well, I’ll leave if I’m not wanted here. (She walks offstage)

 Tante: Good, now the house is all mine, and I can get to work. (She moves around on stage, and things on the stage floor disappear behind the stage as if she is “cleaning”)

 Tante: There, that looks a lot better. Now I’ve got to go and fetch Christmas!

(She walks off stage. Curtain closes)

 (Curtain up)

 (Tante is standing onstage with a bare Christmas tree.)

 Tante: My, isn’t this a pretty tree! I think it’s the best one I’ve ever had—but then, I say that every year. I’ll decorate it as soon as….

 (There is a knock offstage)

 Tante: Oh my! Someone is at the door! I wonder who it could be?

(She moves to stage right. Two children enter).

 Tante: Well hello, and Merry Christmas to you!

 Children: Merry Christmas, Tante! We came by to sing some songs with you, and to bring you these cookies.

 Tante: Well, isn’t that nice! Thank you. What shall we sing?

 (Children put down the package of cookies)

 Boy: Let’s sing Jingle Bells!

 Tante: Good idea! Can you people out there in the audience join us in this song?

 (Everyone sings Jingle Bells)

 Tante: That was fun! What else shall we sing?

 Girl: My favorite is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Can we sing that?

 Tante: Sure! Is everyone ready?

 (Everyone sings Rudolph)

 Boy: Oh my, Tante! We’ve been having so much fun we didn’t notice how late it is! We have to leave now. Have a nice Christmas!

 Tante: Thank you, thank you. I will!

 (Children leave)

 Tante: Goodness, look how late it is, and I still need to decorate my tree! And look! I missed those cobwebs up in the corner. I’ll have to get my broom and clean them out.

But first, I need to share these cookies with my two best friends.

Cat! Dog! Come on in and have some Christmas with me!

 (The animals come onstage)

 Tante: Isn’t the tree beautiful? It will be just lovely when I get it decorated. Would you like some cookies?

 (Curtain goes down as Tante reaches for the bag of cookies. While curtain is down, trade undecorated tree for the decorated one.)

 (Curtain rises and Tante comes onstage. She stops to stand and look at her tree.)

 Tante: What a lovely sight! There is nothing as pretty as a Christmas tree with all its decorations. Oh dear! I forgot to clean out those cobwebs! I’ll get them just as soon as I take a little nap. This has been such as busy day, and I am so tired….

 (She lays down and immediately starts to snore.  Curtains down)

 (While curtain is down, put cobwebs on the tree and put it back onstage.)

 (Curtain up)

 Tante sits up and rubs her eyes. She moves closer to the tree and rubs them again. She can’t believe what she sees.

Tante: I can’t believe this! Who came and made my tree so beautiful! I’ve never, ever seen such a wonderful sight! This is a miracle!

 Narrator: It was then that Tante remembered that she had not swept the spiders out of the corners of the room before she fell asleep. She realized that it was the spiders that had come and decorated her tree with their lovely webs because for once she had not chased them out into the cold winter night.

 Tante: From now on, the spiders will always be a part of my Christmas tree! I want them to come every year and spin their magic for me on Christmas. Cat! Dog! Come look at my tree!

 (Dog and Cat come onstage. The three of them stand looking at the tree)

 Tante (turning to audience): I hope your Christmas is as happy and beautiful as mine. Let’s sing a song together one more time. How about “We wish you A Merry Christmas!”

(Everyone sings and the curtain goes down at the end of the song.)


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Storyteller and retired librarian with over 10 years experience in children's programming and 15 years experience as professional storyteller. Created a successful puppetry troupe for teens that continues today, and wrote many scripts for the group.
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  1. A very different, yet, very entertaining skit. I just love it!

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