There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

cSusanna Holstein 2003

This is a fun show to present. You can follow the program by handing out bottles of “Monster Spray” which is really just water in a bottle. Advise the children to use the spray under their beds, in closets, etc to keep monsters out.

We once mixed up all kinds of juices, pop, etc, in a big bowl to make our monster spray. Then, while the children decorated the labels, volunteers took the mix out of the room and filled bottles with clear water. The children thought the mix had magically turned color–or pretended they thought so anyway!

 Puppets: boy, woman, monster 1 and monster 2

Props: bed, window                       

Narrator: It was bedtime. Sammy hated bedtime—you know why? Because every night, as soon as his mother left the room, MONSTERS started making noises under his bed. Now you probably don’t have this problem at your house. But Sammy did, and it was a BIG problem for him.

Mother: Goodnight, Sammy.

Sammy: Aw, do I have to go to bed now? Can’t you tell me one more story? Please?

Mother: No, Sammy. We’ve already read 23 books and I’ve told you 6 stories. We read Where the Wild Things Are, Goldilocks, Make Way for Ducklings….

Sammy: Yeah, but we didn’t read Green Eggs and Ham! Read Green Eggs and Ham. Please, Mom!

Mother: No, it’s time for you to go to sleep, Sammy.

Sammy: But Mom, I have to read 50 books for the library so I can win my t-shirt! That’s only 27 more. We could get it done tonight! Then I could get my shirt at the library tomorrow when we go there for storytime!

Mother: That’s a good try, Sammy, but it’s not working. We have all summer to read those books. Let’s save some for another night. Now, you lie down and close your eyes. You’ll be asleep in no time. You’ll see. Then tomorrow we’ll go to the library and you can watch the puppet show! You know you like puppet shows.

Sammy: Oh…okay. I can’t wait to see the puppet show. And I like storytime. Do you know what the puppet show is going to be?

Mother: No, but I think the storytime is about monsters.

Sammy: Monsters! Did you say MONSTERS?!

Mother: Yes, dear. Won’t that be fun? Now, good night. Sleep tight!

(She leaves the stage)

 Sammy: Mom! Mommmmmy!!!

(no answer)

Sammy: Oh no. She’s gone. They’re going to come, I just know it. They always come after it gets dark.

(Monster 1 appears under the bed)


Monster: (sort of singing) Oh Sammy, I’m heeee-re. Can you hear me, Sammy? It’s me, that terrible monster that scares you so much. Grrrrr…

Sammy: Go away! Go away! MMMMMOOOOOOMMMMM!

(Mother comes back onstage, monsters disappears)

 Mother: Sammy! What on earth are you yelling about?

Sammy: The monster! He’s here, Mommy, he’s here. Save me!

Mother: Silly boy. There’s nothing here. You’re just imagining things.

Sammy: No! He’s under my bed! Look under my bed!

Mother: (bending over to look under the bed)

There’s nothing here, Sammy. Just some dirty socks, a toy….

Sammy: Nothing? You’re sure?

Mother: Absolutely sure. Now, go to sleep. Good night!

Sammy: But…but…but…..

(Mother leaves the stage)

 Sammy: Did I imagine that monster? Maybe I did…


(Monster 2 appears under the bed)


Monster 2: Oh, Sammy! Guess who’s here, It’s me, monster #2. You knew I’d come, didn’t you?


Sammy: Go away! Go away! No, I didn’t know you’d come, and I don’t want you under my bed! Go away!


(Mother comes back onstage, and Monster disappears)


Mother: Samuel Sebastian Sylvester Stegosaurus Smith! WHAT is all this noise about!

Sammy: Monsters!!! Monsters under my bed!!

Mother: (looks under the bed) There are NO monsters under you bed, Sammy. None—Nada—Nothing—not any, not never, not NO MONSTERS UNDER YOUR BED? Do you understand me? If I hear one more sound out of you, we won’t go to the library tomorrow. Understand? Now—GO TO SLEEP!

(She leaves, angry)


Sammy: (to audience) Uh…she sure is mad isn’t she? But I know they were under there. Did you see them? All right…I’m getting pretty tired of this. These monsters are getting me in trouble with my Mom! I’m not going to miss storytime because of some ol’ monster!

(He looks around) Monsters! Monsters! I know you’re in here somewhere! Come out this minute! I mean it. You’re getting me in trouble, and I’M GETTING ANGRY!!!!

(Monsters come out)


Monster 1: Don’t be mad, Sammy! We were just having fun with you. We like to play! And scaring you is fun!

Sammy: Oh yeah? Fun, huh? Well, you just got me in trouble with my Mom. If I don’t get to sleep, I can’t go to storytime tomorrow and see the puppet show, and it’s all YOUR fault!

Monster 2: Aw, gee, I LIKE storytime. They’re supposed to talk about monsters tomorrow. I want to go!

Sammy: Well, none of us will go if you guys keep bothering me and keeping me awake.

Monster 1: (crying) I wanna go to storytime! I wanna go to storytime!

Monster 2: SHHHH! His Mommy will come back in here! Then we’ll ALL be in trouble!

Monster 1: (sniffing) I’m sorry, I forgot. I just don’t want to miss storytime…. (starts crying again, but quietly)


Sammy: Listen, guys, I didn’t mean to upset you. I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll be quiet if you promise to quit scaring me. Then we can all go to the library tomorrow.

Monster 2: Okay! That’s a good deal!

Sammy: Now, go back under the bed, and be quiet!

Monster 1: Do we have to? It’s scary under there. And there’s some dirty socks that smell REALLY bad!

Monster 2: Yeah, and lots of spooky dust! Don’t you ever clean under there? I don’t wanna go under the bed.  (Whining) Please don’t make me go under the bed!

Sammy: Oh, all right. I’ll tell you what. You can sleep up here with me. I’ll even share my pillow with you. Will THAT make you happy?

Monsters 1 and 2: Oh yeah! Yes! Perfect! Thank you!

Sammy: Okay, okay. Now…let’s GET SOME SLEEP!

Narrator: And that’s exactly what they did. From that night on, Sammy never worried about monsters under his bed, and the monsters never had to worry about that scary dust or stinky socks again.

The End



About wvstoryteller

Storyteller and retired librarian with over 10 years experience in children's programming and 15 years experience as professional storyteller. Created a successful puppetry troupe for teens that continues today, and wrote many scripts for the group.
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3 Responses to There’s a Monster Under My Bed!

  1. Nan Whetstone says:

    Love it! Thanks for another great script!

  2. floramae says:

    I enjoyed reading it!!! and my imagination goes on and on and on !!! 😉
    love it 🙂

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