Welcome to puppeteer and storyteller Betsy Bybell! Betsy submitted a timely puppet show script, along with two others I will be posting in the next few days. Thanks, Betsy!

If you have an original script you would be willing to share, please send it to grannysueholstein@yahoo.com and I will be sure to get it posted. Children’s librarians everywhere will thank you!

Filling Santa’s Shop,
A Christmas puppet play

Submitted by Betsy Bybell

Santa: (enters) Ho-ho-hummm, (yawning) it’s two weeks before Christmas and I’m not ready. (Collapse on stage) I have so much to do, and all I want to do is sleep. You know, I’m not as young as I used to be. My age is creeping up on me. It’s getting harder every year to fly over rooftops in my sleigh, keep the reindeer in line, and squeeze down all those little tiny chimneys. Can’t be because I’m getting fatter, can it?

Holly: (enters) Hey Santa, what’s up? Why the gloomy face? It’s almost Christmas, you know.

Santa: I know, Holly, I know. I’ve been thinking, I’m ready to retire. Let someone younger drive the sleigh full of toys this Christmas Eve. But who could take over and do the job right?

Holly: Any of the elves could do it. I think I could it. Yes, I’ll become the new Santa.

Santa: I think every elf would say he’s the best. I’d have to pick the right one, the one with the best feeling for the spirit of Christmas. But how to choose? Maybe I’ll have a contest; yes, a contest to see who can … fill up my shop with the most Christmas spirit. Yes, whoever can fill this room up to the very top with the best reason for the season will drive my sleigh.

Holly: A contest! Oh, I can’t wait to tell the others. I’ll be right back. (Exits)

Santa: This should be interesting. I wonder which elf will figure out the puzzle first. (Exits)

Holly: (enters) I’m back. I’ve been thinking if I have to fill up this room, then I’ll bring in the largest things I can think of … the reindeer. (Offstage to push in reindeer). Come on Dancer and Prancer. Vixen and Blixen stop fighting with each other. Comet, Cupid, walk, don’t run. Donder, where’s your partner? Don’t crowd, stand in line. Stop shoving. Let me get Santa. Santa, come see how I’ve filled up your shop.

Santa: (Enters) Yes, Holly, what have you done?

Holly: I filled up the shop with Christmas spirit. Do I win? Am I the best?

Santa: The reindeer are certainly large enough, but sorry, that’s not what I was thinking of. It was a good idea, but not quite good enough. Sorry. Holly, please take those reindeer outside before they make a huge mess inside. That was a mistake. Well, wonder who will be next to try? (Exits)

Holly: Well, at least I tried. (Offstage with reindeer) Out we go, don’t all try to push through the door at the same time. Whoa, slow down, take it easy.

Narrator: And so all the elves thought about the contest all during the night. The next day…

Juniper: (enters) I’m sure I can win the contest. I have a good idea how to fill up the shop. Reindeer are big, that’s true. But what reindeer eat is even bigger because they’re eating all the time. It seems like every time I turn around, I have to fill up their manger. They’re always hungry. I’ll bring in all those sacks of reindeer food. (Exits & enters pushing in bags of feed) Heave-ho, heave-ho. Won’t Santa be surprised? Oh Santa, I won, I filled your shop with the most Christmas spirit.

Santa: (enters) Hello Juniper. What’s your idea?

Juniper: Reindeer food. I brought in bags of reindeer chow, reindeer pellets, reindeer treats, reindeer carrots, reindeer hay, reindeer cookies. What a huge pile! Do I win?

Santa: Juniper, I’m not sure that’s what I meant. I had no idea reindeer ate all that much food. I wonder if I should replace them with something more modern, like a helicopter?  However, I’m sorry, that’s not what I was thinking of. Take all those sacks back out to the barn. You do a wonderful job feeding the reindeer; I really appreciate that.

Juniper: Just my tough luck. Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho. (Exits with food)

Santa: Maybe this is too tough of a puzzle for my elves. Christmas is coming closer and I’m still no nearer to a solution than before. Sigh. (Exits)

Narrator: Another day passed and no elf had figured out Santa’s puzzle yet.

Peppermint: (enters) It’s my turn. I’m sure I can figure out something.

Santa: (enters) Good morning Peppermint. Just don’t bring in reindeer or reindeer food. That’s already been tried.

Peppermint: Oh no, I was thinking of something we have tons of…like snow. I could shovel all day and fill up your shop with snow, up to the very ceiling with a mountain of snow. Yes! That would be Christmasy. And we could slide down my hill and go skiing and never have to play outside.

Santa: But Peppermint, slow down, think a minute. What happens when you bring snow inside?

Peppermint: Ummm, I don’t know.

Santa: Snow melts and that means my shop would be a-slosh with water. I’d have to wear boots everywhere. We’d be swimming instead of skiing. Sorry, but snow isn’t the answer to filling up my shop.

Peppermint: I know. Trees! I could chop down all the trees around the North Pole and bring those inside.

Santa: Wait a minute. There aren’t any trees around the North Pole. No trees means nothing to bring inside. Think carefully before you act.

Peppermint: I know there’s got to be something around here. Hmmm, I have it. (Exits)

Santa: Peppermint, stop to think before you rush off. Too late, he’s already gone. Oh dear, what is he going to try next? (Exits)

Peppermint: (enters pushing presents) Presents! I brought in all the wrapped gifts we were going to give to children on Christmas Eve. What an enormous pile! That should fill the bill with the most Christmas spirit. Oh Santa, I did it! Peppermint Santa Claus.

Santa: (enters) But, but, those are presents for all the children in the world. You can’t keep Christmas spirit, you have to give it away. Sorry, but load them back on the sleigh, ready for Christmas Eve. (Exits)

Peppermint: (exits pushing presents) Maybe it’s not possible. The most spirit of the season? I wonder what that is?

Santa: (enters) It’s getting closer to Christmas and none of my elves are clever enough to figure out the puzzle. Do you know the answer? (Interchange with audience).

Mistletoe: (enters) Santa, I know I’m the youngest elf and I don’t always know everything.

Santa: Hello, Mistletoe. Yes, you’re small, but if you keep learning and going to school, you’ll be smart before you know it.

Mistletoe: But Santa, I think I have a solution to your puzzle. Right now!

Santa: That’s alright. None of the other older elves could figure it out. I guess I expected too much.

Mistletoe: But Santa, I know the answer.

Santa: No, don’t worry about it any longer, Mistletoe. I’ll figure out something on my own.

Mistletoe: But Santa, are you listening to me?

Santa: You run off and drink some hot chocolate, brush your teeth before bedtime.

Mistletoe: But Santa… Santa … Santa!!!

Santa: Mistletoe, I’ve told you before, it’s late and you should be in bed by now.

Mistletoe: That’s the problem with adults, they never listen to kids. Santa, listen to me. I can fill your shop with Christmas spirit.

Santa: None of the other elves could figure out the answer. You’re too young. NO matter what you dragged into the shop, it wouldn’t fill it up.

Mistletoe: But Santa, it would and I can and I will. I’ll prove it to you. Just turn off the lights for me, okay? Maybe he’ll listen to me when he sees. (exits)

Santa: I wonder why he wants the lights off. But I’ll turn the lights off. (Exits & turn off stage lights, reenters) Ouch, it’s dark in here. I just stubbed my toe. You better be on your way to bed, young elf.

Mistletoe: (back onstage with lit candle) Santa, see, I have something that will fill your entire shop with Christmas spirit. The glow from a candle.

Santa: Ahhh, you’re right. This entire room is filled to the brim with light, from the darkest corners to the tippy top of the ceiling.

Mistletoe: And Santa, not only will light fill your shop, but laughter and music and singing and happiness and love.

Santa: You’re so right. You’re the only elf who was clever enough to see what this season really means in dark December. I guess you get to drive the sleigh, Mistletoe.

Mistletoe: But Santa, I have a problem. I’m too young to drive. You’re going to have to do it after all.

Santa: (laughs) Ho ho ho, you’re right again, my young elf. But with you beside me on the seat to tell me stories and sing songs to me all night long, I’ll feel like a young spirit again. Agreed?

Mistletoe: Agreed. And together we’ll fill up the season along with the shop. Wish you may, wish you might, have a season filled with happiness and light.

Santa: Ho, ho ho, with light and love and joy and peace. A Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!


4 elves — Holly, Juniper, Peppermint, Mistletoe

Reindeer (can be cardboard cutouts mounted to board)
Bags of Reindeer food
Stack of presents glued together
Battery candle that lights up


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Storyteller and retired librarian with over 10 years experience in children's programming and 15 years experience as professional storyteller. Created a successful puppetry troupe for teens that continues today, and wrote many scripts for the group.
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