About Nancy

I live in Salina KS with my husband, and am very lucky to work at the Salina Public Library as the Youth Services Program Coordinator.  I have three cats, two grown kids, and one grandson.  I have written most of my life and have had my work–poetry, short stories and personal essays–published in such obscure publications as The Roswell Review and WildChild.com.  Nowadays, most of my written work is dedicated to puppet scripts for the kids in my Storytimes and Puppet Theater Program, as well as other venues I have very generously created for myself.


One Response to About Nancy

  1. Carol Wright says:

    Hi Nancy, I’ve just discovered your website. I’m a complete novice using puppets but just ordered two puppets that will be arriving any day. One is Lamb Chop and the other is a girl about 8 or 9 years old. They are hand puppets from 14″ to 17.” I’m volunteering at an adult day center, working with people with advanced dementia. I have a feeling they would love puppets. I’m going to try to work in some of the themes from this site and see what happens. First I have to practice a little. Just a suggestion – if you could come up with some very simple scripts to use for people with dementia or Altzheimers, I think there would be a huge audience for it. Nursing homes and caregivers.

    Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas.


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